Draytek VigorSwitch G2280x 28-Port Gigabit Managed 10G Switch

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DrayTek VigorSwitch G2280x is a Layer 2+ Managed Gigabit switch ideal for a network with growing network traffic. The switch has 24x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and 4x 1/10Gbps SFP slots. Link Aggregation is supported to trunk up to 8x ports and increase bandwidth as needed. The switch provides various types of VLAN for you to segment the local network and keep the traffic only at where it needs to go. Moreover, it supports VLAN routing to route the inter-VLAN traffic directly, shares loads of the router, and improve overall network performance.
Auto Surveillance & Voice VLAN: Recognize traffic from IP cameras and IP phones automatically and add CoS tag for QoS prioritization.
10G SFP+: Provides 10G-capable fiber SFP ports for aggregation or uplinking to the core switches.
ONVIF-Friendly: Recognize the ONVIF devices, display surveillance topology, provide UI for video streaming and device maintenance.
QoS (Quality of Service): Improve the performance of critical traffic by prioritizing the traffic with CoS, DSCP, and IP Precedence tag.
Wire-Speed VLAN Routing: Improve overall network performance by using VigorSwitch G2280x to route the inter-VLAN traffic directly and offload the router.
IPv6 Ready: VigorSwitch G2280x supports IPv6 by offering MLD Snooping, IPv6 ACL, and IPv6 DNS Resolver.
IP Conflict Prevention: Improve network stability by avoiding IP conflicts caused by a misconfigured or malicious host.
Multiple Admin Accounts: Multiple Admin accounts with two levels of administrator privilege.
Access Control: VigorSwitch G2280x supports ACL by IP/MAC and 802.1x port access control with RADIUS to filter unauthorized hosts.
Central Switch Management: Set up VLAN easily from the router and get a centralized hierarchy view of the switches.

No. Ports    28
Predominant Port Type    10/100/1000 Gigabit Fast Ethernet
PoE Ports    N/A
Switch Management    Fully Managed

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