Arctic Freezer i13 X Compact Heatsink

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Arctic Freezer i13 X Compact Heatsink & Fan Intel Sockets 92mm PWM Fan Fluid Dynamic Bearing 150W TDP 6 Year Warranty

Compact Intel CPU Cooler

    Small Footprint For Optimal Compatibillity  

    Pre-Applied MX-2 Thermal Paste 

    Longer Lifespan Thanks to its Low Motor Temperature    

    Offset Heat Pipes Enable Optimal Heat Dissipation    

    P-Fan For Increased Performance        

    Fluid Dynamic Bearing        

    Direct Touch Heat Pipes

    More Cooling Capacity With Freezer I13 

    More Efficient And Whisper Quiet    

    Multilingual Manuals 

Small Footprint For Optimal Compatibility   

  The Freezer i13 X combines a compact advanced heat sink design with 3 direct touch heat pipes. In combination with the fan designed for static pressure, an optimal cooling performance is achieved despite the comparatively small dimensions. The Freezer i13 X has an installation height of only 137 mm and there are no limitations in RAM compatibility.

Pre-Applied MX-2 Thermal Paste    

  Pre-applied, high-performing  MX-2 thermal paste ensures quick and clean assembly.   

Longer Lifespan Thanks to its Low Motor Temperature    

  The Freezer i13 X uses a fan motor newly developed by ARCTIC. This runs less audibly and more efficiently, so that the temperature of the coils is 20 °C lower than with conventional motors. This increases the lifespan of the fans considerably, allowing  ARCTIC to grant a 6-year warranty period for the Freezer i13 X.

Offset Heat Pipes Enable Optimal Heat Dissipation    

  The direct touch heat pipes attached to the Freezer i13 X and an optimised design of the 44 cooling fins together ensure that the heat from the CPU can be ideally removed and released into the air.    

P-Fan For Increased Performance        

  Inspired by the P-series, the Freezer i13 X’s fan benefits from all of the advantages of P-fans:

   – High static pressure for increased cooling performance

     – Broad RPM range

     – Lower power consumption

     – Less vibration

     – PWM for synchronous fan control

Fluid Dynamic Bearing        

  Thanks to a combination of alloy and lubricant developed in Germany, the friction within the bearing is reduced, leading to greater efficiency. In this way, less heat is generated, there is less bearing noise and the life of the fan is extended.   

Direct Touch Heat Pipes

  The Freezer i13 X uses direct touch heat pipes. This ensures that the heat to be dissipated is transferred directly to the heat pipes without an additional material layer, and transported into the heatsink via the pipes.

More Cooling Capacity With Freezer I13 X

  The ARCTIC Freezer i13 X sets new standards in cooling.

    Proven to outperform its predecessor in cooling capacity.

More Efficient And Whisper Quiet    

  In addition to operating more quietly, even at maximum speed, the Freezer i13 X’s built-in fan motor is also much more efficient.

    The power consumption was reduced from 0.18 A to 0.07 A, which corresponds to an effective saving of 60 % in power consumption. ARCTIC engineers were also able to reduce the volume by 40 %, allowing the Freezer i13 X to run at a whisper-quiet 0.3 sone when at maximum speed.

Multilingual Manuals 

  ARCTIC installation manuals come in a variety of languages. They are regularly updated and easy to access from anywhere in the world.


Type: Heatsink and Fan

AMD/Intel: Intel

Compatibility: “Intel 1200, 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156”

TDP: 150W

Fan Connector(s): 4-pin

LED Lighting: No

Colour: Black & White

LED Lighting: –

Material: Aluminium Fins

Copper Heatpipes

Weight: 443 g

Fan Dimensions: 1 x 92mm

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 86 x 109 x 137 mm

Fan Controller: PWM

Rotation Speed: 2000 RPM

Fan Bearing: Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Noise level: 22.5 dBA

Power: 0.07 A

Package Type: Retail

Package Weight: 0.6200 kg

Warranty: 6 Years

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