Patriot Signature Flash - flash memory card - 16 GB - microSDHC

Patriot Signature Flash - flash memory card - 16 GB - microSDHC PSF16GMCSDHC10

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Patriot Memory
ManufacturerPatriot MemoryPart number
Capacity16 GB
  • Complies with SDA 3.0 specifications
  • High level of copy protection
  • Compatible with MicroSDHC slot devices
  • Write protection switch to avoid accidental data deletion
The Patriot LX Class 10 MicroSDHC flash memory cards offer blazing performance for mobile devices. The LX Class 10 MicroSDHC memory cards meet SD Association specifications and provide a minimum sustained write speed of 10MB/s. Fast enough to record high definition video, LX Class 10 MicroSDHC cards keep up with the most demanding hardware. Remove the bottleneck of slow memory. Capture every image or video without missing a moment. Depend on the Patriot LX Class 10 SDHC card.


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